About Cheemo

Established in 1978, Cheemo is a houte couture brand for ethnic hand bags and matching footwear, especially handcrafted. Keeping its vision alive, through generations of specially chosen and trained Indian artisans, Cheemo creates bags and footwear that are not just trendy but each an exclusive piece of art. Every collection launched by Cheemo is curated by an in-depth understanding of Indian handicrafts., elevating each design into an elegant accessory for your discerning view. Cheemo takes its inspiration by India’s rich culture, vibrant colours, art, precious stones & jewellery Cheemo is known for fine detailing, luxury quality, and their unique designs. Cheemo has encouraged artisans to produce hand woven bags in leather metal and silk with intricate hand embroidery, natural stone work and geometrical designs. Each piece is an exquisite piece of art and makes a statement when carried. Cheemo is exclusively available in select Metro and Mochi stores and will soon expand its network to many more stores.

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