Mexican Cultural Philosophy

Throughout the country’s vastly varied history, Mexican culture has already established a wide range of affects. These impact on have come from all corners belonging to the globe, and still have shaped a genuinely fascinating lifestyle that is unique to Mexico.

Religion as well as the Church

Probably the most influential facets of Mexican lifestyle is definitely Catholicism, brought to Mexico by The spanish language colonists. This belief shows the concept of the ‘Holy Trinity’ (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and is deeply woven into Mexican society today.

The beliefs and practices associated with the Catholic hope vary generally across the country. In a few areas, it can be more strongly grounded than in other folks, but in general the Catholic church is viewed when the foundation of numerous traditions and philosophy.

Religious holidays

Nearly every Mexican celebrates a religious vacation in some form or another, with the most important getting Christmas. This really is an opportunity to spend period with family, as well as talk about in delicious meals, drinks, music and performing.

Vida de Los Muertos/Day of the Inactive

The Day in the Dead may be a highly important festival for many Mexicans, commemorated on November you and 2 . It is a moment to remember and honor dearly departed friends and family. The living through members within the relatives create offerings, called ofrendas, in their homes for the souls of their dead relatives. This traditions has been a part of Mexico’s customs since pre-colonial times, and it is recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage simply by UNESCO.

Folk Religions and Superstitions

The belief in a variety of folk religions is common across Mexico. In some areas, these philosophy are more heavily rooted than in others, but also in general these kinds of superstitions are incredibly common.

Magic and The Malignant Eye

There are several beliefs related to magic in South america, including ‘the Mal sobre Ojo’ or perhaps ‘evil eye’, which is the belief that a person can put a great evil eye about someone to cause them to become sick. This is a really widespread notion that is likewise widely utilized in other parts of Central America, the Middle East and The african continent.

Classic Medicine

We have a long standing traditions of traditional drugs in Mexico that uses a system of ‘humors’ to help stability the body. These humors are blood vessels, phlegm, black bile and yellow fiel, which can be used to prevent illness or to address it when it takes place.

When ever treating the patient, it is important to grasp whether or not they have an excess of some of these humors so that the correct treatment can be selected. Often , a health care professional may recommend a specific drug for a problem but if you will discover any humors that are out of balance it will be tougher to mend the patient successfully.

Quinceanera/Birthday of a Woman

A Philippine girl’s 15th birthday is an extremely special day, since that marks her transition to womanhood. Customarily, the new girl dons a dress and is given a pair of shoes by her father like a symbol of this transition. This is a very special day for her and the entire family.

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